Professional Development: Brandi Carlile Edition

Last night, I was able to do some “professional development” by watching one of the greats! I was one of the 14,500 fans at the sold out Brandi Carlile concert at the XCel Energy Center. Row 20 on the floor… what an amazing experience!!

I call it professional development because even though she was playing to thousands of people, she was definitely sending out healing energy. One of the things people see me for in music healing sessions is emotional release. Music can cause an emotional reaction that releases feelings that have been stuck inside for who knows how long. I do not cry easily, but Brandi Carlile had me in tears. I looked around and realized that I was not the only one. Actually, most people around me had tears streaming down their faces. It wasn’t a sad cry. It wasn’t an angry cry. It was just a release of emotions. That amazing, beautiful, talented woman sent healing to all of us!

One thing that blew me away was that Brandi could play a song that silenced the whole auditorium. To silence 14,500 people is not an easy task, but it happened more than once. Everybody was just listening. Not screaming, not singing along, not talking to their neighbor. Listening! Don’t get me wrong… she had us on our feet singing along with her songs for most of the night, but several times she silenced the masses.

Toward the end of the show, Brandi brought both opening acts onto the stage with her. Celisse rocked it with her soulful voice and mad skills on the electric guitar. Lake Street Dive brought back their smooth energy. It was phenomenal! Brandi’s reactions to these musicians were the same as ours. She was in awe of their talent. It was clear throughout the show that Brandi can’t believe all of this is happening to her. She is so humble and sincere. I’ve been to many concerts and it seems that the routine usually is that on the last song, the star walks off the stage and the band finishes the song. Not this time. Brandi was the last one out there. Then, after the encore, it was the same thing. She was out there throwing picks and waving at the crowd. It showed her true character.

The day after the concert, I’m still in awe. Words cannot describe the experience we had last night. I would highly recommend seeing Brandi Carlile, in all her elegance, if you ever get the chance. She left us with the message to “stay gentle”, so friends… stay gentle!


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