Chakra Crystal Grid with Crystals


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Crystal grids are a way to work with crystals by arranging them in geometric patterns for the purpose of meditation or manifestation. This 5-inch grid was laser engraved on 3mm wood. This grid is designed specifically for chakra work. There is a symbol that represents each of the seven major chakras. This set also includes pocket-size stones that resonate with each of the seven chakras.


Root Chakra – Brecciated Red Jasper – “I am”

Sacral Chakra – Carnelian – “I feel”

Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow Calcite – “I do”

Heart Chakra – Green Calcite – “I love”

Throat Chakra – Sodalite – “I speak the truth”

Third Eye Chakra – Amethyst – “I see”

Crown Chakra – Clear Quartz – “I understand”


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