New Addition… Crystal Singing Bowls!

Last week, I was looking around my office wondering what kind of instrument I could add to my sessions. I regularly use guitar, cello, and vocals. I also have a rain stick, ocean drum, tingsha, and egg shaker that live in my office. My ukulele and banjos will make guest appearances at times. I was thinking that I needed to add some sort of instrument, but not another string instrument. I hadn’t quite put my finger on it. The next day a friend offered to sell me her set of Crystal Chakra Singing Bowls. Okay universe… message received!

I’m excited about these bowls because I can use them in individual music healing sessions as well as in my 7 week studio series: Chords, Crystals & Chakras. In this series, we have 7 weeks of class in the yoga studio. Each week focuses on one of our major chakras (energy centers) of our bodies. Each singing bowl emits a tone that aligns with one of the seven major chakras, so I will be able to incorporate a singing bowl into this experience. In class, I lead a guided meditation with music while participants rest in zero-gravity chairs. It’s super relaxing! There are also crystals involved in this series, so we work with those during our meditation as well. I’m looking forward to adding the bowls into the series. It can only make it better!

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