Holy Bath Salts, Batman!

We have been working hard to get our bath salt inventory built up. It’s so much fun making bath salts from start to finish. My kids really like to be involved. They are both great at measuring, mixing, and even coming up with new recipes. They have been such a help while packaging and labeling as well. It’s so much fun, and our whole house smells amazing when we are done.

We have five different kinds of bath salts so far. My favorite is called “Down To Earth”. It has Epsom and Himalayan salt, dried chamomile flowers, and a combination of rosemary and cedar wood essential oils. It’s a very earthy and outdoorsy smell, which helps me feel grounded.

“Midnight Moonlight” is a really neat bath salt that is great for detoxing. It has Hawaiian black lava salt as the main ingredient, which has activated charcoal in it. This helps to draw toxins out of the body, which will then bind to the Epsom salt and wash away in your bathwater. It has these lovely, brilliant blue corn flower petals in it that are so beautiful and great for the skin.

Another bath salt that we have is called “SKOL – Cheers To You”. The dried lavender buds and calendula petals in the bath salt are purple and gold, which provided the inspiration for the name. What better way to celebrate yourself than with a relaxing bath!

My youngest daughter, Lennon, created the recipe for our fourth bath salt. After careful consideration we decided to call it “Rock Garden”. There is more coarse Himalayan salt in this bath salt, which makes it more pink and rocky looking. It has dried petals of calendula, chamomile, and rose. Lennon decided to add grapefruit essential oil, which gives it a citrus smell along with slight floral scents. It is very colorful because of the ingredients she chose!

Our most recent salt is called “Heart Happy”. The first batch I made of this was a total fail. It has Rose pedals in it and I used Jasmine as the essential oil. It was very strong and way too floral smelling for me. So, we revised it. Instead of Jasmine, I added tangerine essential oil. The rose petals along with the tangerine citrus smell go great together. I do have to admit that it was Lennon‘s combination that inspired me to try the tangerine oil. “Heart Happy” is a refreshing and heart-opening bath salt.

Like I stated earlier, this has been such a fun process! The whole family gets involved. My husband, Ryan, even made some awesome laser-cut display stands! Our bath salts are available at The Granary Farm Store at Clear Lake Farms, just outside New Ulm, MN. They are also available in our only shop at www.morethanmusicmn.com/shop 



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