Our First Esty Sales

I’ve been working on building the More Than Music Etsy Shop.  I’m in the process of making more products, labeling, taking product photos, and uploading items onto the shop. It has been more time consuming than I had imagined but it’s starting to get more exciting. In the past two weeks our first sales have come in! It was so awesome to have a friend from high school make the first purchase. A fellow local musician made the second purchase. Two amazing women will be wearing our beautiful earrings!

I currently have 28 items posted on the shop and hundreds more waiting to be photographed and uploaded. Now that the school year is over, I can devote more time to the shop. My children enjoy helping me during the photo sessions. They get excited about it and having them involved makes it much more fun! This business is truly a family business as my husband makes the wooden pieces for the laser-cut earrings. He also helps me with various other things we dream up.

I’m blessed to have a family that supports me in my new adventures! Thank you to my community, as well, for modeling our products and showing support.

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