More Than Music

More Than Music provides mindful meditation through the experience of live music.

More Than Music

More Than Music provides mindful meditation through the experience of live music.

What is More Than Music?

More Than Music LLC was founded in 2020 by local musician, Danielle Deopere. While living life with Anxiety and Depression, Danielle realized that she wanted to help others cope with complex feelings and take the time to slow down from the rush of everyday life. What better way to become grounded and feel peace than through interaction with music! Group meditation classes are offered as well as individual music healing sessions.

Meet Danielle

My Name is Danielle Deopere

Around The WELL, many know me as DD. I love nature (especially rocks and trees), interacting with people, playing music, and all things relaxing!


Music Meditation Studio Class

During fall, winter, and spring DD offers a variety of different Music Meditation Studio Classes.

A standard Music Meditation Class is a mixture of guided meditation and live music. Each class has an intention and the songs selected align with that intention. Participants relax in zero gravity chairs and soak up the music.

Individual Music Healing Sessions

An individual music healing session is meant to give you total relaxation, emotional release and/or general wellness upkeep. We start by reflecting on your health and determine what you need from the universe at that moment. DD selects songs based on the check-in that will energize your soul. Various instruments will be used during this time. The session includes time to reflect and talk about the messages and connections that came from the music.

Chords, Crystals, & Chakras

The Chords, Crystals & Chakras Series is seven weeks long. Participants gather once a week and are lead through a music based meditation that focused on one of the seven major chakras (energy centers) in the body. Participants will learn about and take home a crystal each week. By the end of the series, each participant will have their own set of chakra crystals. No prior knowledge of chakras or crystals is needed in order to attend the class.

Parent/Child Music & Movement - Studio Class

This is a parent-child music exploration class for kids Pre-K and under. A parent, grandparent, or guardian must attend with the child. Guardians will engage with their child and lead them through the activities. The kids should have fun! They don’t need to be perfect… they’re kids 🙂


Summer Fun!

I cannot express how exited I am to start some awesome summer programming for kids! Our community has a lot to offer, but there are some

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“Music is a weapon in the war against unhappiness.”
Jason Mraz
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